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Create remarkable experiences and get your customers talking about your business.

Connect with your audience by being relevant while nurturing loyalty among your customers.

Kudoz Rewards is an effective loyalty tool that allows your business to create and customize experiences to your customer’s preferences. The app makes it easy to connect and to learn what really matters to your audience; a customizing feature that causes customers to become so passionate and loyal to your business.

The business receives new customers through referrals. When the new customers pay, those who referred them receive Kudoz Points as thanks for bringing the business new customers. 

Get your business seen by Customer Members

Customize promotions to your customer's taste

Access to customer analytics and do more of what's working

Create and advertise as many promotions as you want

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Enjoy the benefits of providing a widely accepted customer rewards and loyalty program similar to those offered by large companies with multiple locations.

It’s messaging feature facilitates communication between customers and business members. A customer has the ability to voice a concern about the business and the business is afforded the opportunity to address that concern before it results in a negative review.

Customer use of points is an alternative payment mechanism that doesn’t incur merchant account fees.